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Contemporary artist Ralph Wilson builds modern shrines of all shapes and sizes. Listen to Jacqueline Froelich's interview with Mr. Shrine on NPR's KUAF radio during the "Ozarks at Large" show. (2009-09-12; opens in a new window)

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Ralph Wilson (aka "Mr. Shrine") makes shrines and shrine kits, teaches art classes, and creates other types of folk art. Mr. Shrine also offers mini- art car kits, pins and magnets on copper, painted luggage, custom shrines, and customization for religious vehicles. He travels around the country showing his work, teaching his classes, and spreading the word about how anyone can enjoy making art.

A Bit About Ralph Wilson

Ralph was intrigued by roadside shrines as he traveled about the country in his motorhome, Wally World, selling his art. He found himself driven to make models of roadside shrines from wood, and later was asked to help others create their own shrines.

Ralph teaches because he firmly believes that “you’ve got to give it away to keep it.” He makes shrines because they can “call up a very special kind of magic when they come from the heart.” A shrine can weave the thread of communication between the hearts of the maker and of the beholder. There are no rules in shrine making. Shrine creations can be as straight or as silly as the maker wants it to be, because in the words of Mr. Shrine, “God has a sense of humor, too.”
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“You’ve got to give it away to keep it!”

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Where is Mr. Shrine?
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